Sunday, October 9, 2011


Welcome to "Whatever I Read," where I talk about and review just that: whatever I've just finished reading, and whatever I may choose to read. Whether it's novels, comics, manga, or the back of a cereal box, if I have an opinion about it, you'll be the first to know.

Mind you, the comics and manga will be more frequent than full-length books, since they take less time to read. The cereal boxes will be the least frequent. Sometimes I'll delve into movies or TV shows, but I'll be sure to discuss the quality of the writing in those.

I suppose I should start by introducing myself. I'm a recent college graduate with a B.A. in Literature and no job. So that makes me the perfect choice for critiquing things on the internet, right? Well, even if not, I can't be any worse than some of the blogs out there, right?
... Okay, moving on before I dig myself in too deep.

I usually tend to write about something as soon as I'm done reading it, but I'm open to suggestions. If it's something I've already read, I can write a review about it, but if I haven't, I'll add it to my to-do list. (And don't ask me to review any of the Twilight books. The series sucks, we all know it, and you don't need another person explaining why.)

As you can see, the blog is still under construction, so hopefully it'll look better soon. Until then, enjoy!


  1. God, you sound like a complete hack! Haha, kidding bro.

    Good luck man. Got to set up the Disgruntled Scholar blog...

  2. You've inspired me to start up my blog again. Now I can read your comic book reviews without the limited constrictions of facebook.